PINK BALLOON INSTALLATION - WORK NO 329 | By Martin Creed, Vancouver's Rennie Gallery 2011

Martin Creed's Work No. 329, when it is fully installed at the Rennie Collection in Vancouver, with 2,950 party balloons half-fill the first-floor gallery so the room is half-balloon, half-air. Descending into it on the staircase from the second floor feels a bit like wading into a swimming pool. The work, Creed says, started as a "wee experiment" as he struggled with where to place artwork in a gallery: Filling the room eliminates the problem. But, as his works so often do upon reflection, it grew to mean more.
"If you think the world's a messy, crazy place, then it seems to me like the sculpture ought also to be messy and crazy," Creed said in his Glaswegian brogue. "So the idea of this sculpture is it takes the shape not only of the room, but of the people in the room. And it moves around with the people. So it's basically like the world in that way."

Text: Marsha Lederman.

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