TAKASHI MURAKAMI | Homage to Yves Klein

Some works from the exhibition "Homage to Yves Klein" in 2011-2012, at Galerie Perrotin Paris (France).

Takashi Murakami is one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking Japanese artists of the 1990s. His work ranges from cartoony paintings to quasi-minimalist sculptures to giant inflatable balloons to performance events to factory-produced watches, T-shirts, and other products, many emblazoned with his signature character, Mr. DOB.
Takashi Murakami’s work returns to Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin for a special show entitled “Homage To Yves Klein”. The new collection draws inspiration from famed post war European artist, Yves Klein. Murakami takes a different approach at the new art by focusing on the use of  rich texture and beautiful use of color which can be found through out the art collection. The entire collection will be in display at the Paris art gallery starting this Thursday and running until next year.

Sources: http://www.takashimurakami.com/ and c'est la vie.