AYLET CARMI | “ 2011 Update your reality ”, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin, Germany.


The artist Ayelet Carmi was born in 1967 in Kibbutz Beit Hashita, Israel, studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and finished in 1994 with the BFA. She teaches in different art colleges in Tel Aviv. Her works were presented in several solo and group shows in Israel. In 2009 she created a large wall painting for the Art+hotel in Tel Aviv.
Ayelet Carmi leaps in her works between various time zones, mythological ceremonies and festive parades, through art history traditions. The labour of painting is expropriated from its routine roles and changes the concepts of time and space. Through relief paintings and classical scenes, Carmi examines role plays and symbols of power. Warrior women carrying flags and iron clad knights are staged in the theatre of her life. The ritualistic attributes are inspired by local flora, implanted into a fantastic landscape. Carmi merges in her work personal worlds of self portrait and childhood landscapes into the ‘curriculum vitae’ of human history, offering various points of view and reading possibilities of art, filtered through a critical stance in issues of gender and society.

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